Extraneous Matter -Complete Edition-

Ibutsu -Kanzenban- | Kenichi Ugana | JP 2021 | 61 Min | DCP

A woman stuck in her day-to-day trot one day discovers a pitch-black oily creature in her closet whose many tentacles first give her a fright, then great pleasure. Similar critters start to appear all over the big city, offering a new perspective on this thing called life. Director Kenichi Ugana expands his eponymous short film into a complete edition, staging a tentacle fantasy as a melancholy metropolitan ballad with socio-utopian potential—with tinges of Tsukamoto’s Tetsuo trilogy. Are monsters the last hope for mankind?

Kenichi Ugana
Ugana, Kenichi was born in Tokyo in 1984 and studied Business Administration. Aspiring to become a film director, he started making independent movies in 2005. His theatrical debut was in 2016 with Ganguro-Gals Riot, followed in quick succession by Good-Bye Silence, Wild Virgins, and Rolling Marbles. His short film series Extraneous Matter has been selected for more than sixty festivals in eighteen countries.
Language OmeU
Cast Kaoru Koide, Shunsuke Tanaka, Momoko Ishida, Kaito Yoshimura, Makoto Tanaka
Writer Kenichi Ugana
Editing Masashi Komino
Cinematography Masashi Komino