The Power

The Power | Corinna Faith | UK 2021 | 92 Min | DCP

In 1974 a British coal miners’ strike led to mandated power outages, the so-called “Three-Day Week.” It is exactly at that time that a young nurse starts her new position in a hospital and is promptly called in for a night shift. As if this wasn’t enough, it seems a sinister force has made itself at home in the old building. Corinna Faith has created a classic piece of ambiguous horror that comes at you with visual oomph and highlights abuses of power and systemic violence as well as the monsters all this teases out of the dark.

Corinna Faith
Faith, Corinna has previously worked on television projects and directed several short films, including Care (2006) and The Beast. The Power is her feature debut.
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Language eOV
Cast Rose Williams, Emma Rigby, Shakira Rahman, Charlie Carrick, Diveen Henry
Writer Corinna Faith
Editing Tommy Boulding, Rebecca Lloyd
Cinematography Laura Bellingham