A Pure Place

A Pure Place | Nikias Chryssos | DE 2021 | 91 Min | DCP

A cult has taken up residence on a Greek island. Their leader Fust always enters the scene to the same song. To his white-clad disciples, he then preaches the importance of complete purity and glorifies pieces of soap manufactured by child laborers in a shithole on that very island to secure the economic survival of the community. A Pure Place holds up a mirror to society as both an absurdist farce and vivisection of totalitarian power mechanisms—and, at any rate, a fine example of what visionary and demented German-language cinema should, can, and must be.

Nikias Chryssos
Chryssos, Nikias was born in Leimen, Germany, in 1978. He studied Film & Video Production in England and Scenic Directing at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Founding Kataskop Filmproduktion in 2012, he presented his 2015 debut feature Der Bunker at festivals worldwide. A Pure Place is his second theatrical effort.
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Language OmeU
Cast Sam Louwyck, Claude Heinrich, Greta Bohacek, Daniel Sträßer, Daniel Fripan
Writer Nikias Chryssos, Lars Henning Jung
Editing Stephan Bechinger, Carsten Eder
Cinematography Yoshi Heimrath