Sukkubus - den Teufel im Leib | Georg Tressler | DE 1989 | 80 Min | 35mm

Anti-heimatfilm goes genre romp. Folk horror goes alpine country. Three not-so-old white mountain dwellers go cow herding in the Swiss highlands for a few months. But the nights are long and the thirst for sexual relief great: So, they craft a fuck doll out of straw and gnarly wood. Before too long, the doll comes to life as a she-devil, a lethal Lilith, to show those lecherous losers what’s what and who’s the motherfucking boss. This completely hidden pearl of Austrian pulp is the final work of Viennese genius director Georg Tressler (Die Halbstarken; Das Totenschiff, En. The Naked and the Brave). And the only successful adaptation of the fable of Sennentuntschi. Rape ‘n’ revenge never felt this fantastic! (Paul Poet)

In attendance of Peter Simonischek

Georg Tressler
Tressler, Georg (* 1917, † 2007) had his first big hit with the 1956 film Die Halbstarken, which depicted a rebellious youth and starred Horst Buchholz, as did The Naked and the Brave, Tressler’s 1959 success. Failing to establish himself in Hollywood, his career began to shift to television in the 1960. He directed numerous telefilms and series episodes, but also the occasional movie, such as the Austrian 70s sexploitation film Die Kleine mit dem süßen Po or his final theatrical outing, Sukkubus.
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Language dOV
Cast Peter Simonischek, Giovanni Früh, Andy Voß, Pamela Prati
Writer Franz Seitz
Editing Gisela Haller
Cinematography Rudolf Blahacek